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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Action Alert: Make Sure Your Senators See This Full-Page Ad in The Hill

Action Alert: Make Sure Your Senators See This Full-Page Ad in The Hill

Jeffrey Smith and team are back with another full-page ad in The Hill, Washington DC’s most-read newspaper. Part 2 of the Great GMO Cover-upexplains how industry has rigged the ‘science’ that supposedly shows GMOs to be safe.

Now that the Senate is back from its scheduled recess, it is very likely that another attempt will be made to prevent Vermont’s labeling laws from taking effect this summer by passing voluntary labeling legislation at the federal level. Commonly called the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know) by consumer advocates, this legislation was narrowly defeated 49-48 in the last round.

Contact Your Senators. Even when contacting your senators by email, you should include your postal mailing address. Let them know your concerns about the health risks of GMOs. Ask them to refer to the April 12th edition of the Hill and go for access to both Part I and II of The Great GMO Cover-up. Ask them to carefully consider all the evidence, not just industry assertions. Fully documented articles are available at:

Companies Hide Dangers; Attach Scientists

FDA Scientists' Health Warnings About GMOs Have Proven True. . .

You are receiving this newsletter because of your interest in the health risks of genetically modified food. If you have additional questions or wish to comment, please send email, or call 641-209-1765.

Safe Eating!

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