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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Breaking: Monsanto's Dark Act is dead in Congress

Dec. 16, 2015

Breaking: Major Victory in Congress – Monsanto’s Dark Act riders stopped DEAD in Congress! Hats off to everyone who called and sent letters!

Dear Cathy,

This is huge! With your help and hundreds of thousands of people just like you, we managed to shut down Monsanto in Congress by stopping the Dark Act policy riders that would have killed GMO labeling in America for good.

We've cleared a major hurdle. Many of us feared that the GMA would be successful in inserting a rider to the spending bill, creating the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act, to short-circuit our collective hard work for the past 4 years by taking away states' rights to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws. We're happy to report that Monsanto was defeated - this time!

This means they'll come back stronger than ever after the holidays in January to pass the compromise that Monsanto and the GMA is desperate to achieve, so we won't know if the foods we eat are eating genetically-engineered. We need you today!

Chip in $5, $25, $45 or more so we can continue our work to defeat Monsanto and win GMO labeling once and for all! If you donate today, your tax deductible donation will be matched 2 to 1!Breaking: Monsanto's Dark Act is dead in Congress

Please, Cathy – don't miss this chance to have your gift matched by pitching in whatever you can. Every dollar counts!
Double your impact before time runs out – we need your help today!

We only have a few weeks to refill our tanks before Congress comes back in session next month - when the GMA and Monsanto will bedesperate to end your right to mandatory labeling once and for all.

Incredibly, a provision regarding GMO salmon was allowed in the Omnibus spending bill that won’t allow genetically engineered salmon to be introduced for sale until the FDA determines proper labeling requirements – and while this is not all of what we want regarding GMO labelin

The Vermont law is scheduled to go into effect in July of next year - 2016. When that happens, Monsanto and the junk food companies know it's game over for them!

Please help us continue our work and stop them cold - once and for all!
Yes, I want to chip in to defeat Monsanto and their cronies at the GMA! Every dollar counts!

We're so close! Please stick with us for the final push to defend our democratic rights and protect our food supply and give Monsanto a huge blow.

In the past 4 years, you’ve help build a movement that’s driven the national conversation on GMOs from California in 2012 to DC today.

Be a part of this Grassroots Surge to defeat Monsanto’s lie machine!

Contribute today to take the fight to Monsanto and keep GMOs off your plate. With your help we will win! Click here to donate $10 or more. Every bit counts.

This is what happens when we stand up – Together we are unstoppable!

Thank you for participating in food democracy,
Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

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